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Juki TL-98Q 120V 1-Needle Lockstitch Household Sewing Machine

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The new Juki TL-98Q is a high-quality sewing and quilting machine designed to replace the TL-98E. The TL-98Q is a portable, lightweight machine that is easy to transport. The arm and bed of the TL-98Q are constructed of aluminum die-casting to ensure industrial-quality sewing. The larger work area enables maneuverability of large materials. An auxiliary table extends the work area to 23" to allow for even larger projects.

• A 1,500rpm maximum sewing speed for high-performance.
• Presser foot presser is easily adjustable, just turn the regulator at the top of the machine and regulate according to the indicator.
• The push lever automatic needle threader affords you the pleasure of easily threading the needle without eye-strain and allows you to start sewing quickly.
• Automatic needle stop up/down button. Press the needle up/down button to move the needle's position as desired, press the button continuously to make the machine sew stitch by stitch.
• Knee lift lever raises foot to 12mm so that light to heavy weight materials are easily handled.
• Hand lift raises foot to 9mm.
• A drop feed dog swith to raise and lower feed dog, useful for sewing curved stitches with ease.
• A 11" X 23" extended table work area for greater manueverability.
• 6" X 9" arm space to the right of the needle.
• Now with an auto needle threader and two new freemotion feet: 1/4" ring to follow seams and 1/5" ring for better free motion visibility. Measurement is from needle to edge of ring.
• This machine uses HA-type needles, identical to those used with home sewing machines and sergers. This type of needle cannot be attached incorrectly.
• Automatic thread trimming device cuts through thin and thick threads without fail, can be activated by push button or foot pedal switch.
• Easy bobbin replacement with the newly designed bobbin case latch and enlarged bobbin case. A sliding plate is provided to easily replace bobbins when the auxiliary table is used.
• Easy to thread machine head
• Automatic bobbin winder
• Speed control mechanism allows the machine to sew materials at lower speeds, perfect for heavy-weight fabrics, quilting, and multiple layers of materials.
• Foot pedal switch, with thread trimming ability
• Even feed foot ensures the machine will produce beautiful seams on multiple layers of fabric, including difficult-to-feed fabrics like georgette, velvet, and leather.
• Thread tension scale
• Stitch length dial
• Sewing lamp
• Rated voltage/power consumption - 120V/1.4A, 100W
• Power consumption of the lamp - 12V,3W
• Hook - Horizontal-axis full-rotary hook
• Motor: up to 150 Watts, 1.5 Amps which is twice as much power as regular home sewing machines.
• For tailoring, quilting, dress making and many other applications.
• Sewing Speed max. 1,500 spm
• Needle HAx1 (130/705H) #7 - #8 (HLx5 #9 - #16)
• Stitch Length max. 6 mm
• Presser Foot Lift by lever, max. 7 mm; by knee lifter, max. 12 mm
• Hook horizontal-axis, full rotary hook
• Auxiliary Table Dimensions: 590 mm x 277 mm
• Dimensions: 452(W) x 319(H) x 219(D)mm
• Weight: 11.3 kg - 24.5 lbs

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